Consortium Program

Consortia programs combine the best of both worlds in executive education:

  • Key benefits of open enrollment programs, which draw people from a wide array of companies, and
  • Custom programs that link learning to business objectives of partner companies.

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Program overview

Comprised of four to seven non-competing member companies with a shared interest in exchanging long-term experiences and networking with other companies and organizations.

The Consortium Governance Committee makes decisions on the program’s:

  • Educational and business objectives
  • Final content and design
  • Participant profiles
  • Principles and rules
  • Location and duration

Each company nominates five to eight participants per cohort according to the agreed profile and pays the cost per participant based on the total number within the cohort.

The modular structure and Consortium Governance Committee allow the program to continuously adapt to the changing environment and business goals of member companies.

The Consortium program is managed by a governance committee comprised of representatives of participating companies (one member from each company) and Constructor Learning members.

By sending only five to eight participants per cohort, member companies can better target and leverage their long-term investment in developing key people.

Types of Consortia Programs

Each Consortium program focuses on:

  • a specific theme (digital transformation or business ecosystems);
  • geography (doing business in the MENA region), or
  • organizational capability (innovation and intrapreneurship).

The programs are well suited for holding companies or government development agencies that are exploring new synergies between different businesses for a given industry, group or territory.

The Consortium program can be designed for an industry or a specific segment of your corporate clients as an association of executive members in a customized program specifically designed to improve and expand industry collaboration and achieve mutually beneficial goals under the umbrella of Constructor Learning and our corporate partners.

Program benefits

In a fully collaborative study environment and in touch with the latest management thinking, participants can find transferable solutions that can be applied across industries and learn from other participants and the program’s world-class faculty.

Program participants will:

Deepen their understanding of business issues through multiple company and industry perspectives

Gain transferable knowledge and share innovative approaches across markets, industries, and sectors

Develop their network across global companies and professionals and strengthen their relationships

Act as ambassadors for new developments and share new insights with their home organizations

The Consortium program benefits are both individual and organizational and multiply over time with each new cohort.


Typical Design of a Consortium Program


participants from 6 member companies

Blended format

(online and offline) adapted to member company business calendars


program days (3 modules in different locations)

Shared LMS

(Online education system) for all participants

Program Elements

Faculty and experts - participants gain practical insights of the latest research from Constructor Learning’s world-class faculty and apply it to their organization

Discovery exhibitions – company visits outside the network, field trips with debriefing of findings

Live case studies - each consortium member becomes a living case study; participants will gain a deep understanding of the challenges and how they manage them

CEO challenge - a project developed by each member company CEO for their participants throughout the program and presented at the end of the program

Want to Learn More?

We would be happy to discuss and develop a Consortium program for your specific needs. For more information, please contact us.

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