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From our founding as Propulsion Academy in 2016 to our acquisition by SIT last year, today we welcome our new brand name: Constructor Learning. Constructor Learning is part of the Constructor Group, initially named Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT). The organization was founded in 2019 by Dr. Serg Bell, a long-time entrepreneur and investor in technology and education. Dedicated to creating knowledge through science, education and technology, the ecosystem combines a comprehensive educational offering that spans the entire learning lifecycle, from K-12 to a private university and executive courses, next-generation research capabilities and commercial activities for technological innovation. Founded and headquartered in Schaffhausen, SIT has rapidly grown since its creation, thanks to organic growth and acquisitions. As it has become a global organization with a footprint in more than 15 countries and a worldwide network of researchers, professors, investors, clients, and alumni, the brand had to be rethought to reflect this expansion better and unify the entire ecosystem under one name: Constructor.

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Gabriele Tocci

Interview with Data Science alumnus, Gabriele Tocci

Interview with Data Science alumnus, Gabriele Tocci

Published on 24-05-2022


Could you introduce yourself?

“Hi, I'm Gabriele Tocci and I participated in the part-time Data Science Bootcamp from SIT Academy. I am a Senior Scientist at the University of Zurich and a Computational Physicist by training, with a PhD from University College London. I do research in the field of Materials Science which means I perform computer simulations of materials at the atomic scale, using large supercomputers to solve problems related to energy conversion and water purification.”

Why did you want to get into Data Science?

“I am really fascinated by the fast developments occurring in Data Science and in Machine Learning. They are impacting science, technology, and all aspects of society and it's a very exciting field in general. I wanted to obtain more hands-on experience and expertise to explore the possibilities of developing a career outside academia in startups or in industry, both in research and for Business Intelligence purposes.”

What was the biggest challenge during the Bootcamp?

“The biggest challenge was to combine the work that I do at University and find the time to study for the Data Science Bootcamp. Especially during the Capstone project, I had to make sure to have enough time to go in-depth into the concepts and to apply what I have learned in the final project. In the end, it all worked out and doing both proved to be fine.”

What was your Capstone project about?

“Together with a fellow student, we analyzed the short and long-term price fluctuations of Cryptocurrencies. In particular, I focused on developing a Machine Learning model to predict short-term price fluctuations using data from a Kaggle Challenge that was provided by a startup that generates alpha for investment purposes. It was exciting to combine the Machine Learning expertise I built during the Bootcamp and some concepts borrowed from Physics and  to apply them both to modeling in Finance.”

Thanks a lot for the interview, Gabriele. We wish you all the best for your professional and private future.

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